New Dotnuri guide !


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    New Dotnuri guide ! Empty New Dotnuri guide !

    Post  Amarylys on Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:00 am

    Are you tired to still be at lvl 1 of Dotnuri ?

    Well, prooved by a Dotnuri pro (Did the lvl 67 times) *means me the pro o3o*,
    I've create a site for all the newbies and all the people than are stucked at lvl 1.
    I wish you a great time... in the Dotnuri's hell Evil or Very Mad >Very Happy (Joking Laughing ~~).

    And humm... Pwease Sad : Talk to everybody about my site. I need more visits for me badge of Piczo upgrades o3o

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