Lone Ranger Of courage!


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    Lone Ranger Of courage!

    Post  Trinidell on Sat Aug 15, 2009 5:11 am


    Anyways. Sense No one Can see the protantal in my and wont give me What is needed to let me Save the guild i left it because of Peroths sentence

    "I Dont Promote Anyone twice. i Should Put that on the Site 2"

    So I Couldent save the guild Because no Vice is EVER on when i had someone needing a guild

    Now its just 3 People and i know Moranzee cant get on a Lot

    I offer my Life to you Guys and you ignored me

    So i ask if i can Still Play in the Events For prizes and Such seeing as how you need some compation among Everyone....

    Devlin: i trusted you guys and you Let me Down
    I Love you All And Had my Fun
    But the First time i needed Something For life
    I Was abaned And no one Cared
    So i Come back to say Some last words
    In hopes you.ll Love me For once.

    Hopefuly Thing will change for the Next ones in the Guild

    I Really loved it There and Tryed my Heart out to help But seeing as how no one listened to me or even Cared to let me Save you

    Sorry im repeating Ill Check back Later!

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    ok then This is my Point EXACTLYits

    Post  Trinidell on Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:16 pm

    4;16 here and STILL no Awnser.
    I could of had this place slaming!

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    Re: Lone Ranger Of courage!

    Post  MoranZee on Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:21 pm

    Yea i'm answering. I care, for sure. You were quite helpful to the guild, thanks. RazzI am the power of the Triforce.

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    Re: Lone Ranger Of courage!

    Post  Peorth on Sat Aug 15, 2009 7:10 pm

    You had enough power to recruit new members, and we have space for them.
    What you want is the power to kick somebody in the guild, in order to do more space; you can ask to me or vice-master to kick players (you can mail a list, if u want), or you can try to recruit active people instead of random people.
    You can also wait until end of holidays, because many players (like me) are gone in holidays.

    Well, i wonder why i say this, if you have already quit the guild...
    In my opinion, you are more "bothering" than "helping" the guild.

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    Post  Trinidell on Sat Aug 15, 2009 7:50 pm

    peroth Hurt my feelings T___T

    And It When i Had friends That needed guilds you guys Wont on so No one could get booted to help

    And i could STILL give you a List of inactives Because thats huh Much i payed attition i have carts

    I Marked Everyone who was on and off

    And theres about 23 inactives in your guild

    But i could never do anythign about it

    But Anyways


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    Re: Lone Ranger Of courage!

    Post  TJ on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:48 pm

    Trini, when you were on I was too. You and I know that.Ask anyone who was on at the time. I clearly told you too, "if theres anything you need to do like recruiting or kicking members,then ask me.If im not there just mail me.I'll have it done asap." Did you not trust me? I gave you the option, but you had just pushed me away so i couldn't do anything about it...if i can help you, i will, but if you refuse to accept it then theres nothing I can do.

    Heres a passage from something I once read. Maybe it'll help you understand what I'm trying to tell you.

    *The chill of the cold night air drifted through the streets. The slow sound of footsteps quietly made its way amongst the sounds of cars and the chatter of other people. Valen had zipped up his coat all the way and pulled his hat down further, barely exposing his face. He came to a stop when he noticed the light stated not to walk. The sound of heavy breathing and loud footsteps echoed down the streets, quickly catching his attention. He turned around to find Noel out of breath and tightly holding her chest. Her face was soaked in tears and a very pale white. Valen scoffed and turned away, walking once the light indicated it was safe to do so.
    In an act of fear and excitement, Noel reached out to grab his shoulder yelling, "Valen wait! Theres a lot of things I have to tell you!"
    He continued to walk and replied, "It's funny...because i have nothing to say to you."
    She stepped back as he seemed to fade away into the night. Large storm clouds seemed to start approaching and the sound of thunder clashed loudly. Valen had stopped for a moment and raised his arm towards his face. Was he checking the time...? ...Or...With a short burst of adrenaline Noel quickly ran towards him. Noticing this, he ran away from her.The sounds of water splashing and heavy breathing made its way from street to street and through alleyways until it finally came to a stop at a small park.
    "Valen...why are you running away?!" Noel asked still trying to catch her breath.
    "Why do you need to ask me something like that?! You should know the answer...What more could you want from me?!" He replied with a voice that seemed to be on the verge of tears.
    "Why wouldn't i need to ask? I don't understand anything! I won't understand you unless you tell me...Just...Let me in!" Noel replied her face already covered in tears.
    Valen shook his head and started to walk away. "Our lives took a different turn on that fateful day. Now we just part ways...bye Noel..."*

    Another passage from Beggining of Your Miracle by Tyrone Henry X3. Sorry it was kinda long.I dunno if it gave you the right idea,but i think it was the right choice for this case xD.
    And remember this, if you have the courage to let people in, the wisdom that you're searching for will be closer than you'd think.

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    Re: Lone Ranger Of courage!

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